windows server 2012

eHome IR Transceiver

To get your Media Center remote controller working in Windows Server 2012, sovaldi sale you need to install the following package. 1. Download (314 KB) from win2012workstation. 2. After downloading the zip extract the zip, decease run install.cmd as an Administrator and follow the instructions on the screen. 3. Continue by installing the driver […]

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Performance Information and Tools

To see how well your hardware performs, Windows 8 includes a tool to measure system performance. The following steps will help you to get this feature in Windows Server 2012. Files from this package are extracted from a fresh installation of Windows 8 RTM. 1. Download (36,5 MB) via Mirrorcreator. 2. After downloading the […]

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Wish List

This list contains all features we still want in Windows Server 2012 and are working on at the forum. If you have any wishes, no rx please leave a comment or place a request at the forum. [table id=1 /]

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Installing Language Packs

To personalize Windows Server 2012 even further, nurse it is possible to install language packs to get Windows in your native language. To do this, sick insert the language packs DVD in your DVD drive or download the language pack of the language of your choice. 1. In the Start screen enter lpksetup, and press […]

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Windows 8 UI Internet Explorer

Even after installing the Desktop Experience feature, the Internet Explorer tile in the Start screen still runs Internet Explorer on the classic desktop. This registry hack will make Internet Explorer run as Windows 8 UI application when started from the Start screen. Download MetroIE.reg and import it into the registry. Next time you click the […]

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To automate the whole process of converting Windows Server 2012 to a Workstation, order neige and his team The Horsemen created a converter application. The download link and more information about the development can be found at the forum: MICROSOFT SERVER CONVERTER 2012.

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Windows 8 / Server 2012 Essential Knowledge

Compared to all previous Windows versions, many of the working of the GUI has changed. On this page you will learn the essentials of the new Windows Operating System. The actions are similar for both Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Shutdown/Restart (Ctrl+Alt+Del / Right bar / Alt + F4) Show all Programs (Right click […]

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Windows Server 2012 comes into 2 different editions (Datacenter, pilule Standard) on MSDN/TechNet installation DVD. The evaluation DVD can be downloaded via the TechNet Evaluation Center. You can burn this .iso file using for example ImgBurn. After burning the DVD follow the installation steps below. 1. Boot up your Windows Server 2012 dvd. After you […]

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