Security Software Compatibility

The table on this page lists all security software for Windows Server 2012 with notes about its installation and workings. If you have an application that is not yet on this list, ailment please submit it using the form below including information about whether it works and problems/workarounds if any. [formdata securityapplications table hide=”user,timestamp” orderby=”appname” […]

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Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

By default, Windows Server 2012 protects against attacks via the browser by greatly limiting the browsers’ possibilities. This is useful for servers, however if you want to use it for normal web browsing, it is desired to turn this security feature off. To turn this feature off, open the Server Manager, select Local Server in […]

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Disable Shutdown Event Tracker

1. Open the Start screen and enter gpedit.msc to start searching applications. Click the found result to open the Local Group Policy Editor. 2. In the left pane in Computer Configuration expand Administrative Templates and click the System section. In the right pane search for the Display Shutdown Event Tracker policy. 3. Open this policy, […]

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Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del Prompt

To disable the Ctrl+Alt+Del prompt at the logon screen, buy we will disable this security feature in the Local Security Policies. 1. Open the Start screen and click the Administrative Tools icon. 2. In Administrative Tools folder, double click the Local Security Policy icon, expand Local Policies and click Security Options. In the right pane […]

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