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Windows 8 UI Internet Explorer

Even after installing the Desktop Experience feature, the Internet Explorer tile in the Start screen still runs Internet Explorer on the classic desktop. This registry hack will make Internet Explorer run as Windows 8 UI application when started from the Start screen.

Download MetroIE.reg and import it into the registry. Next time you click the Internet Explorer tile in the Start screen, it will start with the Windows 8 interface. Make sure you also followed the Windows 8 Apps and IE Enhanced Security Configuration steps. The classic Internet Explorer can still be accessed by starting Internet Explorer from the classic desktop.
Metro Internet Explorer in Windows Server 2012


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Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

By default, Windows Server 2012 protects against attacks via the browser by greatly limiting the browsers’ possibilities. This is useful for servers, however if you want to use it for normal web browsing, it is desired to turn this security feature off.

To turn this feature off, open the Server Manager, select Local Server in the left pane and click at the On link behind the IE Enhanced Configuration setting in the PROPERTIES section. Next, switch the setting to Off for both Administrators and Users to disable it for both user groups. Save the changed values by clicking OK.

Disable IE Enhanced Security


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