To automate the whole process of converting Windows Server 2012 to a Workstation, order neige and his team The Horsemen created a converter application.

The download link and more information about the development can be found at the forum: MICROSOFT SERVER CONVERTER 2012.

48 Responses to “Converter”

  • I am interested in the speed and performance of the workstation.

  • I don’t suggest using this, because if you want to actually learn more about learning how to use Windows 2012 Server, you want to get your feet in the mud yourself instead of letting someone else automate that process for you.

    • Can the windows server 2012 be installed WMC (Media Center)?
      Is the WMC included in the ” Adding the functions”?

    • HeyOsoveiejuo-thought you were smarter

      I want to use it when I’m forced to slamstall a new 2012 box and not in the mood to manual config the gear since I’ve already practiced the beneficial tips of this site but I’m in a hurry for the reasons I can’t anticipate but in dire need of a working WS’d 2012 Server.

  • Can someone enumerate the reasons why one would wish to do this? I see a lot of how-to’s out there, but not a lot of motivation for doing it.

    If it’s “performance”, are there test results to be had anywhere?


    • HeyOsoveiejuo-thought you were smarter

      You want a reason why someone would use a 2012 server instead of the same Windows 8.
      Well, since you didn’t get your first copy of Windows 7 until your 9th birthday, I’ll give you the adult explanation.
      – Application developers need native environments beyond what a virtualized 2012 server can provide
      – Servers as workstations are crucial for AD admins and server management roles when your network has gone tits up and you don’t have to jack off with a VM or trying to make supposedly compatible AD management tools work from a workstation
      – When your ass is really on the floor and your tits are arched to the ceiling, you might have to add your 2012 WS as a temporary DC and roles master if you’re forced to perform a deep down recovery from another one of Microsoft’s bad news 0day vulns
      – Microsoft has traditionally placed greater internal development emphasis on their higher margin Server products instead of workstations they view as necessary evil. Compare averageuptimein any worthy sized company and your server uptime can outlast any workstation intentionally left up for contest.
      – Better memory management… etc, etc,

      Do I need to explain what puberty is going to be like for you to ? /Spoiler: Puberty usually includes a particularly significant event you never forget… but you can plan to avoid such things since you’ll be on the side of life always and in fear with your distracting questions.

      • Wow, you’re a real dick, aren’t you? The guy asked a simple question, and there was no need for you to throw a bunch of insults into your answer. For someone who isn’t a developer or IT admin, the reasons to use a server OS for your normal workstation are non-obvious, but at least the guy was willing to ask the question. Screw you for your condescending, patronizing attitude. People like you are part of the problem.

    • thatoneguyatthatoneplace

      If you’re a student who gets server for free through dreamspark, but wanted a workstation OS.

    • Hi osoviejo,
      there are some stupid programmers, who think they’re software should not run on server os, but for license purposes of the os it should. So the setup has to be fooled.

  • osoviejo – the main motivation is in that: motherboard with 2 or more CPU sockets.

    • This was true before Windows XP, but since Windows XP all versions of Windows have been built on the NT kernel, and so all of them support multiple processors and multiple cores. Server versions may be able to take slightly more advantage of multiple processors, but for the vast majority of things, multiproc/multicore optimizations have to be designed into the applications you install. An app that was designed to run on a single-core, single-proc system is going to run that way no matter what version of windows you’re running.

  • Additional reson to do it

    Learn to use the server in a fun way,
    dont buy win 8
    Speed, speed Speed
    no additional junk
    just what i need
    create own grid computing
    and run all games of XBOX and PS3

  • I didn’t try using the converter, instead I went through all the steps and did it all manually so I’d know what was being changed and the reasoning behind the changes. As for the question someone posted earlier as to why you would want to do this. I can’t speak for everyone, but my reasoning is that I work in I.T. and our shop is going to be migrating our 2003 and 2008r2 servers to 2012 over the next 18 months. So at home I’ve got 2 PC’s I use regularly, one is for my reprap 3D printing hobby (and gaming) and the other is my Media Center PC (HTPC) hooked up in my entertainment center. I installed 2012 on my media center PC, but I wanted it to be functional still as a desktop for watching movies, browsing the web and converting video (PLEX server maybe?)and running Visual Studio, also HyperVisor for testing out other OS’s and builds! By using one of my desktops that I use regularly I’d be forced to start getting comfortable with the newer style interface, begin to learn how to use all the newer features and be able to play with PowerShell 3.0 I also wanted to be able to run SharePoint 2013 in the hypervisor as no one in my department really knows how to set it up and run it and if I can learn it’s ins and outs by setting up my own personal SharePoint server at home then I’ll have better leverage at work to try and get a promotion or move into a better position in a different department that is also interested in SharePoint services. As right now most departments are paying huge amounts of money to contractors to do their Sharepoint configuration and maintenance. The last reason I did this is really just because I’m a geek and it sounded like fun.

  • I’ve been using the top-end Microsoft server products for my workstations since Win’2000 Adv. Server. The memory manager is second to none, among Windows anyway, and from an engineering standpoint, it has everything you *might* need available at the flip of a switch, and none of the things you may not *ever* want. True, I do have to tweak things just so but I do that anyway with all the versions, more than a few customized versions barely recognizable as Windows.

    I design, build, and then hand-tweak every aspect of the computers that I use and they’ve been workstation-grade since the mid-80’s. When you are constantly setting up (alpha/beta) hardware/software test-rigs, simulating networks, and especially testing security scenarios, almost always to destruction, does it make sense to try to wrap Windows 7, 8, or a low-end server product with all the restrictions or just simply set a nice baseline for a machine that does what you want, when you want, and especially how you want? Virtualization has always been my friend, especially that pesky to destruction outcome.

    If you are serious about hardware and software testing another important component is have a large collection of images and installation media on tap. Yes, you can have a stack of DVD’s if time isn’t a consideration or even HD-based images. Far better to take advantage of the new dedupe feature for your library of image files as well as golden VM VHD’s. Takes it a while to get it all munched down if you keep the machine busy but it’s a nice feature all by its lonesome. Just don’t expect it to work on active files/images ;-).

    I think this line of server products is almost “just right.” Now back to the dungeon…

  • Is there a way to enable CD/DVD burning in Server 2012? All the GUI hacks are great. Thank you for those but without being able to use a burner, WS 2012 is useless to me as a workstation.

    • HeyOsoveiejuo-thought you were smarter

      Are you kidding ? / how do you burn CD’s and DVD’s in 2012 / Its easier than hell, what kind of struggles are you having trying to hackstall your Roxio 1 from Windows 95 onto Windows7.

      Your 2012 box includes cdburn.exe, dvdburn.exe, isoburn.exe.
      You can download those files in the 2003 resource kit since you probably deleted them along with everything else that makes your box crash for half the day

      you can download LightingUK’s imgburn.exe, its free, it installs and works without a reboot since your shell challenged

      Do you have a working 14400 modem line in that martian cave you’ve been living on with your hands over your ears ?

      • Hey wise guy! How about this?! My server is not recognizing any CD/DVD burners (external or internal). Everything I’ve read suggests that this has to do with the fact that Server 2012 disables access to removable devices. I have not found any info explaining how to re-enable them (at least not anything that worked). I’ve tried every imaginable setting in the local and domain security policy settings. I can’t get any flash drives to work either. They are being recognized in the device manager but I can’t see them in the Computer or even the Disk Management snap-in. The external DVD burner and the flash drives work fine on a Win 7 system so I know there is nothing wrong with them. Instead of posting snarky remarks, perhaps you can point me in the right direction. I have tried isoburn but it doesn’t see any burners on the system so there.

        I’ve never used Roxio but thanks for asking.

        I have a 1,200 baud modem. What’s this 14400 craziness you speak of?

        • hi ph0enix, that’s a strange problem…! The only thing I can currently think of is that there is no drive letter getting assigned to your devices. Can you see the devices in Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc)? In that case you can right click the volume and choose ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths’. In case Disk Management also doesn’t show anything, you can use the commandline to see if driver letters are getting assigned. Open cmd.exe and enter the ‘diskpart’ command. In diskpart enter the ‘list volume’ command to see all volumes including their drive letters assigned. See the Microsoft TechNet article about dispart for more info about this tool.

          Good luck! :)

          ps. Ignore the other commenter, he seems frustrated somehow…

          • He’s a brogrammer (broadmin?), you can tell by his “slamstalling” and “deep down” recoveries he seems to need to pull all the time.

          • Hey Arris.
            Thanks for your response and suggestions!
            I can’t see the drives in the Disk Management snap-in. diskpart is doesn’t show them either.

            When I connect the external one drive, I hear the usual chime that plays when a new device is connected and if I have the Device Manager open at the time, the list of hardware refreshes but nothing is added to it. I’m starting to wonder if this is a driver a issue but neither of the internal drives works either.

      • Seriously, are you so angry about your micropenis that you’re completely incapable of answering simple questions without being a total asshole? It certainly seems that way. Look, I’m sure it sucks knowing you’ll never satisfy a woman, but you don’t have to take it out on everyone else. Go find your tweezers and jack off or something.

  • Any ETA on getting a working Server 2012 R2 converter ? :)

  • Microsoft Server 2012 R2 converter

  • Thanks for the converter……I thought you guys were unnaturally harsh on Osoveiejuo he/she only asked a question and a valid one at that!!

  • Hi,
    I cant find the mbn option in the windows 2012R2 server
    is it disabled for server 2012R2? or there is some settings (services – dlls – other dependencies) so the mbn option will show up?below is the output of netsh /? command, plz help?
    I have 2012 R2 essentials running on Dell T320 server,
    C:\Windows\system32>netsh /?
    Usage: netsh [-a AliasFile] [-c Context] [-r RemoteMachine] [-u [DomainName\]Use
    rName] [-p Password | *]
    [Command | -f ScriptFile]
    The following commands are available:
    Commands in this context:
    ? – Displays a list of commands.
    add – Adds a configuration entry to a list of entries.
    advfirewall – Changes to the `netsh advfirewall’ context.
    branchcache – Changes to the `netsh branchcache’ context.
    bridge – Changes to the `netsh bridge’ context.
    delete – Deletes a configuration entry from a list of entries.
    dhcpclient – Changes to the `netsh dhcpclient’ context.
    dnsclient – Changes to the `netsh dnsclient’ context.
    dump – Displays a configuration script.
    exec – Runs a script file.
    firewall – Changes to the `netsh firewall’ context.
    help – Displays a list of commands.
    http – Changes to the `netsh http’ context.
    interface – Changes to the `netsh interface’ context.
    ipsec – Changes to the `netsh ipsec’ context.
    ipsecdosprotection – Changes to the `netsh ipsecdosprotection’ context.
    lan – Changes to the `netsh lan’ context.
    namespace – Changes to the `netsh namespace’ context.
    nap – Changes to the `netsh nap’ context.
    netio – Changes to the `netsh netio’ context.
    ras – Changes to the `netsh ras’ context.
    rpc – Changes to the `netsh rpc’ context.
    set – Updates configuration settings.
    show – Displays information.
    trace – Changes to the `netsh trace’ context.
    wcn – Changes to the `netsh wcn’ context.
    wfp – Changes to the `netsh wfp’ context.
    winhttp – Changes to the `netsh winhttp’ context.
    winsock – Changes to the `netsh winsock’ context.
    wlan – Changes to the `netsh wlan’ context.
    The following sub-contexts are available:
    advfirewall branchcache bridge dhcpclient dnsclient firewall http interface ips
    ec ipsecdosprotection lan namespace nap netio ras rpc trace wcn wfp winhttp wins
    ock wlan
    To view help for a command, type the command, followed by a space, and then
    type ?.
    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]

  • @Jake Daniels, I thought they were a little harsh on osoviejo, but at least they answered his/her question. My response would have been…

    “If you don’t know why you’d want it, then you don’t need it. Go away.”

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  • Gaga Milanoスーパーコピー時計販売、 はガガミラノコピー時計販売・通販店です . 0.316883211 レプリカGaga Milanoのマーカー: ローズ ゴールドのアプライド インデックス ガガミラノOTコピー、SS品、N品、価格、品質の保証,2015人気偽物,歓迎光臨楽天★送料無料(日本全国) . レプリカガガミラノ時計Blog:

  • 購入した5万匹ガス針表、過酷な戦争環境をより強調ガス針表卓越した品質、後はガス針表軍の必要な装備の一つとして。ウブロコピーガス針表の夜光機能がより随一、発光時間が長く、発光効果も深く各国軍尊重の重要な原因の一つ。

  • ものhalios腕時計でのハードと高速走行しているが、最近いじめのデザインは2013年にリリースされる3つの今後のモデルのための。新しいモデルの小さな部分と呼ばれるダイバースパンのブロンズ製の箱入りの兄弟と、デルフィンというより大きくてより深刻なダイバー。

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  • ロレックススーパーコピー がリリースしたポルトガル年間カレンダーの新しい動きと有用な合併症にもかかわらず、誰でも喜ばせませんでした。はい、多くの人々は、iwcのポルトガル年間カレンダーが好きでした、しかし、多くの不満を時計のサイズが大きすぎると、それは非常に高価であった。

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