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Aero Cursors

Windows Server 2012 by default uses the plain white non-animated cursors. The following steps will help you to get the Windows 8 cursors in Windows Server 2012. 1. Download (93 KB) from win2012workstation. 2. After downloading the zip extract the zip, prostate run install.cmd as an Administrator and follow the instructions on the screen. […]

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Performance Information and Tools

To see how well your hardware performs, Windows 8 includes a tool to measure system performance. The following steps will help you to get this feature in Windows Server 2012. Files from this package are extracted from a fresh installation of Windows 8 RTM. 1. Download (36,5 MB) via Mirrorcreator. 2. After downloading the […]

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Xinput and XAudio Dll’s

For various games and applications from the Windows Store or other sources, pharmacy you will need to have Xinput1_4.dll, buy XInput9_1_0.dll and XAudio2_8.dll installed in order to work. If these files are not installed, stuff the applications will crash or just disappear when running them. The files from this package are extracted from a fresh […]

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Windows 8 UI Internet Explorer

Even after installing the Desktop Experience feature, the Internet Explorer tile in the Start screen still runs Internet Explorer on the classic desktop. This registry hack will make Internet Explorer run as Windows 8 UI application when started from the Start screen. Download MetroIE.reg and import it into the registry. Next time you click the […]

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Enable Sound

By default, Windows Server 2012 has disabled audio because probably most servers won’t need it. This page will help you to enable audio in Windows Server 2012. Open the Start screen, click Administrative Tools and open the Services shortcut. Next, double click the Windows Audio service and set its Startup type to Automatic. Repeat this […]

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Visual Effects and Thumbnails

By default Windows Server is not really configured for visual glamor. The Start screen and menus aren’t animated and in Windows Explorer no thumbnails of images are shown. This page will guide you through the steps of enabling thumbnails and having visual effects in Windows Server 2012. 1. In the Start screen enter performance, change […]

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Desktop Experience

To fully get the Windows 8 experience to Windows Server 2012, Microsoft added the possibility to install this as a feature. This will install additional desktop applications and add several GUI improvements. Installing this feature will have the following effects: Applications added to the Start screen: Windows Store / Default Programs / Windows Media Player […]

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To automate the whole process of converting Windows Server 2012 to a Workstation, order neige and his team The Horsemen created a converter application. The download link and more information about the development can be found at the forum: MICROSOFT SERVER CONVERTER 2012.

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